how in the name of fuck you write stuff about a band who named themselves after their idiot landlord is beyond me, but i'll just let words come out and rely on grammar or something to press it into sense units.

if i said "buzz or howl under the influence of..." you might think one of two things: nothing at all, or the minutemen. or possibly solanki, since they called their 10" album "buzz or howl under the influence of ls6", whereas the minutemen were under the influence of heat. the point of this long-winded blah is this - solanki have a fairly strong minutemen sound about them.

seth bennett is a bassman, ilan is a guitar, and neil turpin is on the drum. the music is scratchy, funky and has some very catchy tunes. seth shouts a bit, the rhythms are tight and weird, and the songs are mostly short. they even do the dead kennedys' "i like short songs" just to prove a point.

they don't play that much, so catch them when you can. they can be a bit of an acquired taste, but you'll acquire it pretty quick if you know what's good for you. oh and look at seth play bass and see if you can tell what his fingers are up to; i certainly can't.