.ls6 peeps



duncan is a man who i live with. amongst other things he werks at oblong, and plays in caspar hauser, capo d'astro, and a band called d.millard which is really just him and an out of tune guitar.


neil is a turbine. he does great big fucking ollies on his skateboard and can drum like you wouldn't believe. let me say that again, but in a different way: neil is a very good drummer. go see bilge pump, polaris, snail racing, solanki or diesel vs steam if you don't believe me. he can teach you how to drum if you want.

he bangs the gums
those santa deelyboppers actually flashed on and off, would you believe?


roz doesn't always look this stupid. actually, she doesn't live in the real ls6 at all, but in meanwood of all places. still, it's a nice house, and she's a nice lass, and she's setting up some sort of cafe / infopunkt in headingley - roughly spring 2000.


that is stephen playing his axe. you might not be able to see it from here, but he has a snoopy sticker on it. stephen is in casino volante, capo d'astro and caspar hauser. his ambition is to join a band that doesn't start with ca-.

martin playing guitar in his band callled coffee. that's matt on drums behind him


plays in coffee. he is from scotland, and wears a shirt and tie to werk. when he plays gigs, he wears a tee, bearing the slogan masturbation is not a crime. oh yeah?


ask an ls6er to describe joe mask and they will use one or all of the following words: nutty | fucking | bastard. joe is called mask cos he used to be in mask. now he is in bilge pump, capo d'astro. and...

joseph o'sullivan
ashley rose doing sums


is yer rhythm guit in casino volante. he is an accountant, and i made up a joke about that. i tell it quite often, but i don't think he finds it very funny.


recently moved to leeds, but it's OK, because i have known him for almost all my life. the only difference between jim aged 4 and jim aged 26 is that his hair is longer now.

.gozzy, raine, joy, jim

laffing it up in fine style at the place we call 97, four of the local massiv discuss their plans for getting even more drunk than they already are.


supplier of PA equipment to the stars of ls6 and beyond, archie also is the proud owner of a pair of trousers. you can spot him easily at gigs - he's the one who looks like a very tall monkey.

in addition to this, he is a fine chef, and knows a thing or two about stuff.

archie likes to play with wires and make believe he is the soundbwoy

there will be more of my zany pals arriving here soon. keep yer mincers peeled.

in all the above cases, you can click on the picture to see a larger version of the same, or - in an exciting twist to the thumbnail idea - you can see the frame expand, and take in what is happening around the tightly cropped subject head. which is which? it is literally almost an exciting prospect.