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this site was conceived, designed and produced by me, ben blench.

nick any of my ideas or methods and i won't be in the slightest bit surprised, but i reserve the right to call you a half-witted copyist. asserting my intellectual right to be called the fuehrer of this one probably doesn't really get me very far in this day and age, but i'm doing it anyway, and who are you to argue?

other chews without whom none of this etc etc...

  • my entire family, for love
  • debs for constant inspiration and love
  • callum for installations and brew
  • my man, my oldest friend, jim
  • my late cat mischa, who was the best
  • the one they call herert, for sanity, musical guidance, language, larks, and for being a nutneck
  • the entire leeds six crew for everything. who you are, how you do, the music you create, and the hi-jinx you get up to. truly, you are dope azz muthas
  • lez brown for giving me a job where i learnt about wwwdesign
  • all my favourite websites for inspiration and laffs. see dispersal for links
  • every note i've ever heard, every letter i've ever read, all the languages i've learnt, all the teachers i've had, all the food i've ever eaten, every drop i ever drank, atoms, genes, that sort of stuff, you know?
  • shit yes - pies. pies. and more pies

you all klang to me, and here i am klonging it back atcha.

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